One Day Wins

Today I am making a commitment to improve my thinking in order to change my choices. I have a very specific goal in mind which will require me to become physically strong and shed the additional weight I am currently carrying. I will share more about my goals down the track but for now, I am going to focus on one day at a time and what I need to do in order to achieve my goals in the long run. I am no longer remaining in the past and not overwhelmed by what seems to be impossible!  Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option and I am going to remain accountable by using this blog as a means to remain focused. Some posts will be short and sharp. Some will be my own questions or discoveries but all will include taking care of the wins I have daily. My “One Day Wins.”

one day win (30)
When I share my wins you will see a thumbs up!
one day win (29)
Moments marked with a light bulb indicate breakthrough in my thinking!
one day win (28)
As I share my goals or challenges I will mark the post with a target.
one day win (31)
I’ll put on my boxing gloves when I have to fight or overcome!
one day win (32)
Snapshots are my time to assess my progress and growth.

I have “cleared the deck”, so to speak, so that I can take this time to focus on creating new habits. So, welcome to my “change room”. Let the change begin with “One Day Wins!”

one day win (35)


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